Phase Connect Original Art Collection Vol.1


This Art Collection consists of the original art of all 7+1 members of Phase Connect Generation 1. The collection showcases over 50 pages of original illustrations of every member up to our Half Year anniversary in a perfectly bound book, including snap shots of several drafts and "behind the scenes" items from various design phases. 

The Phase Connect Original Art Collection Features the following artists:

  • ふーみ (@fuumiisc)
  • LUZZI (@__Luzzi)
  • かぷりちお (@capri134)
  • mins (@minsgraph)
  • chiri (@chiri_ap)
  • LucidSky (@lu_cid_sky)
  • Mauve (@MauveSR)

Pre-Orders are available now. Expected release date is February, 28th, 2022. Shipping may take up to 4 weeks due to on-going Covid19 restrictions. Product picture does not reflect the actual product.