Phase Connect Official Model Stand Collection

$100 $105

Phase Connect Official Model Stand Collection. Created based on the official Phase Connect Live2D models. The bundle includes all seven members. Comes double-sided. 

Ashelia Rinkou『鈴香アシェリア』
Uruka Fujikura藤倉ウルカ
Tenma Maemiマエミ 天満
Pipkin Pippa 『ピップキン ピッパ
Nasa Utatane『転寝ナサ』
Michiru Shisui『紫翠みちる』
Iori Hakushika『白鹿いおり』

Material: Acrylic
Approximate Height: 16 cm
Approximate Stand Diameter: 8 cm 

Pre-Orders are available now. Expected release date is February, 28th, 2022. Shipping may take up to 4 weeks due to on-going Covid19 restrictions.