Phase Cnoect Halloween Hoodie


In memory of the infamously misspelled "Phase Cnoect" from the Phase Connect Minecraft server. Last Halloween, everyone got together to build Halloween decorations. The talents made a grave mistake and misspelled the company's name. 

The hoodie comes in two different colors: White and Black. 

Size Chart: 

Chest Sleeve Length
Small 55
63.5 70.5
Medium 57 65.3 72.5
Large 59
67.1 74.5
XL 61
68.9 76.5

*Units are in cm.

Material: Cotton

*Pre-Orders are available now until December 15th, 2022. Release date is expected to be January 15th, 2023. Shipping may take up to 4 weeks due to on-going Covid19 restrictions.