Michiru Shisui 2023 Birthday Bundle [Pre-Order]

$125 $132

Michiru Shisui『 紫翠みちる』2023 Birthday Bundle includes the following items:

  • Michiru Shisui 2023 Birthday Diorama
  • Michiru Shisui 2023 Birthday Print
  • Michiru Shisui 2023 Birthday Keychain
  • Michiru Shisui 2023 Birthday Deskmat
  • Michiru Shisui 2023 Birthday Coffee Mug
  • Michiru Shisui 2023 Birthday Hanging Air Freshener 

Diorama Size: Approximately 5-7 Inches
Diorama Material: Acrylic, 2 panels

Birthday Print Dimensions: 17 x 11 inches
Birthday Print Material: 110lb card stock

Keychain Material: Acrylic
Keychain Dimensions: Approximately 3x3 inches

Deskmat Material: Rubber & Polyester Fabric
Deskmat Approximate Size: 70x40cm

Mug Material: Ceramic
Size: 11oz
Designed By: 

Air Freshener Scent: Cologne
Air Freshener Size: Approximately 5 inches

*Pre-order item. Pre-orders are available until December 11th.  Actual product may differ slightly. Release date is expected to be May. Shipping may be delayed depending on other products in a combined shipping order.